Home Health Aide

Posting Date June 7, 2017
Job Title Home Health Aide
Hours FT
Overview Home Health Aide The Homemakers Health Services is a full service, charitable health care agency which provides compassionate, professional, comprehensive and cost effective visiting nurses, behavioral health, physical, occupational and speech therapies, home health, home support, adult medical day care services and community wellness programs to adults throughout Strafford and parts of Carroll and Rockingham Counties in NH. Our vision is to be the premier service provider of choice by maximizing our market share, and through the implementation of a compassionate business model be poised to expand services and facilities to meet the increasing demands of an aging population. As an organization, we work towards the fulfillment of our mission with dedication and teamwork. Above all, we value personal dignity, independence and quality of life, and strive for excellence in the quality of the healthcare we provide. The Home Health Aide plays an important role including practical tasks required to help maintain, strengthen or restore the physical, social and emotional health of families, and to improve the quality of life in the home and, therefore, in the community. The Home Health Aide has also the knowledge and skills necessary to provide individuals and families with prescribed and supervised personal care given as part of a medical plan. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Understands and respects the need for client confidentiality and cultural differences, treating clients and co-workers with dignity and respect. Provides individuals with the assistance of care deemed necessary by designed Agency staff. Accurately maintains required work records/documentation and recognizes their significance to ensure quality assurance. Deals appropriately with minor emergencies which may arise, recognizing if his/her limitations in meeting crises beyond his/her ability to handle and is able to promptly report them to the Agency. Attends team meetings and required trainings. Provide on-going emotional support and understanding to individuals and/or family members. To assist and teach through demonstration and practical suggestions, individuals with tasks essential to living, such as routine home management and cleanliness. To prepare nutritious meals, whenever deemed necessary by the professional staff of the Agency. To provide on-going emotional support and understanding to individuals or family members. To make significant observations of family functioning to assist the Agency in providing an adequate service. To provide routine or personal care, where indicated, to those with illness or disability, under the authorization and/or supervision of appropriate professional persons (physician registered nurse, physical or occupational therapist). Assist patient with bath (bed, tub, shower), care of skin and hair and care of eyeglasses, hearing aides, dentures, change bed linen as needed, take temperature, pulse and respiration, blood pressure, weight, when advised, assist patient from bed to chair or wheelchair, assist patient to the bathroom, urinal and commode and in the use of bed pan, encourage patient to eat, assist patient in dressing, shaving, provide guidance so that patient follows medical recommendations and keep simple records of personal care activities. On-the-job training by the registered professional nursing following approval of the physician may include assist with colostomy care, reinforce dressings and apply simple non-sterile dressings, assist with the use of devices for aid to daily living (walker, wheelchair) assist patient with prescribed exercises by appropriate professional personnel, perform simple tests for sugar, acetone or albumin, prepare and serve special diets and/or help patient relearn household skills. The Home Health Aide is responsible for performing only skilled personal care delegated and supervised by the registered nurse.
Qualifications Education/Experience: High School Diploma or equivalent. The Home Health Aide must have completed an approved training program as a licensed nursing assistant (LNA), certified nursing assistant (CNA) and/or certified homemaker/home health aide and hold a current LNA license with the State of New Hampshire. Must be CPR certified and must be recertified prior to expiration of CPR recertification.
Agency / Location The Homemakers Health Services
215 Rochester Hill Road
Rochester, NH 03867
Contact Information Barbara Laganiere
The Homemakers Health Services
215 Rochester Hill Road
Rochester, NH 03867-1701
Phone: 603-335-1770 ect 121
Fax: 603-335-1771
Email: blaganiere@thehomemakers.org
Website: thehomemakers.org
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