The 8th Annual Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of New Hampshire

2020 Hospice Volunteer Education Conference

Making MeaningLegacy Work with Patients, Families and Ourselves

A Virtual Event held on three consecutive Wednesdays

October 14, 21 & 28, 2020

10:00 am to noon Virtual Conference

“Service is not an experience of strength or expertise; service is an experience of mystery, surrender, and awe. . . .Those who serve have traded a sense of mastery for an experience of mystery, and in doing so have transformed their work and their lives into practice. – Rachel Naomi Remen

2020 Hospice Volunteer Education Conference

This multipart conference gathers volunteers from around the state to learn and share around our central theme, Legacy: Meaning Making for Patients, Families and Ourselves.

Below find information, handouts, links, the recording & evaluation for each session.

Community Poem: Hope Listens Speaks

The Wealth of a Life- The enduring value of creating an ethical will


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The Wealth of a Life: The enduring value of creating an ethical will

Presented by Susan Turnbull  – founder and Principal of Personal Legacy Advisors. A professional writer and speaker, her presentations, tools and services are known for a uniquely personal and practical focus on the qualitative aspects of estate, financial and philanthropic planning. She the author of The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will, co-author of Across Generations: A Five Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent, creator of Life Legacy Cards and the Life Legacy Conversations Tool, all designed for those who agree that wealth transferred to future generations has both tangible and intangible dimensions. Susan’s work has been featured in many national publications, including the New York Times and USA Today

This session is an actively engaging, interactive program about how the process of considering and creating an ethical will can offer a deeply meaningful avenue for articulating values, perspectives, feelings, wisdom, blessings and visions for legacy.

Attendees received a historic, legal, and literary overview of ethical wills and are introduced to a simple structure for creating an ethical will, applicable in the lives of both volunteers and patients. Attendees will have an opportunity to share perspectives on both the opportunities and the challenges of bringing up the concept to patients and their families.

Link to session one evaluation

A Shorelines Conversation & Mindful Movement

A Shorelines Conversation

A civic reflection practice that has been developed over several years by Home Health & Hospice Care with the help of Emily Archer, a facilitator with the New Hampshire Humanities Council and a hospice volunteer herself.  This session engages texts and images chosen for their resonance with the questions, needs, and ideas that animate a particular community. For those who serve hospice communities, Shorelines can be a time set apart for understanding, renewal, and refreshment in meaningful conversation with others.

Links to materials used in the Shorelines presentation:

“Service is not an experience of strength or expertise; service is an experience of mystery, surrender and awe. . . .Those who serve have traded a sense of mastery for an experience of mystery, and in doing so have transformed their work and their lives into practice. – Rachel Naomi Remen

Mindful Movement, with Judy Gross

This session concluded with a mindful movement series presented by Judy Gross, Coordinator of Volunteer Resources at VNA Manchester and Southern New Hampshire.

In the past, she has worked as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/Meditation Instructor and Kripalu Yoga Teacher.  The simple movement practice includes a gentle standing and seated flow designed to release stiffness and offer greater flexibility and ease in the body. A short guided breathing and meditation session left participants feeling refreshed and clear.

Grief and Loss During COVID 19

Grief and Loss During COVID19 

Rev. Eric Redard, volunteer services manager of Merrimack Valley Hospice, a member of the Home Health Foundation and Wellforce Health System which also includes Home Health VNA, Circle Home and Hallmark Health VNA presented on the impact that the pandemic has on us as individuals and caregivers as well as the families that we serve.


Coping strategies

    • What is a coping skill?

    • Any characteristic or behavior pattern that enhances a person’s adaptation. Meaning that if we feel stress all the time, we created these defense mechanisms, or coping skills to help us better manage or lessen the stress.
      • ii. Following CDC guidelines
      • iii. Limit media to reduce anxiety
      • iv. Get and provide warm, comforting social support
      • v. Express kindness
      • vi. Create new routines
      • vii. Eat well
      • viii. Get good sleep
      • ix. Meditate – breathing exercises
    • Dealing with uncertainty:

      • i. Focus on what we can control
      • ii. Practice gratitude
      • iii. Be kind to others
      • iv. Attempt to be forgiving of yourself
      • v. Don’t to into the “pit of despair” – distract yourself
      • vi. Build a contingency plan


Community poem shared at closing of program: Hope Listens Speaks

Evaluation of Session Three

Thank you to all volunteers!

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