Bring Home The Vote New Hampshire! Voting matters.

Protect the rights of your patients by ensuring their voices are heard this election cycle.

Bring Home the Vote!
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Voting is one of our nation’s most fundamental rights and a hallmark of our democracy. Yet for too long, many people with disabilities have been excluded from this core aspect of citizenship.  Important federal civil rights laws have been enacted to combat this form of discrimination and protect the fundamental right to vote for all Americans.

Your vote is your voice, use it.

Help others.


How to Help Bring the Vote Home

You can help families and patients be heard during this election!

  • Bring voter registration forms from the town clerk to your patients and their caregivers.
  • Ask if they’d like an absentee ballot request form
  • Mail the completed registration form and/or absentee ballot to the proper authority.
  • You must also make sure to include the following statement to those you are registering or helping vote:
    • Our voter registration services are available without regard to the voter’s political preference. Information and other assistance regarding registering or voting including transportation and other services offered, shall not be withheld or refused on the basis of support for or opposition to particular candidates or a particular party.

NH Absentee Voter Rules

Registered voters in New Hampshire may vote absentee if the voter:

  • plans to be absent on the day of the election from the city, town or unincorporated place in which the voter maintains his or her voting domicile;   
  • cannot appear in public on election day because of observance of a religious commitment;   
  • is unable to vote in person due to a disability; or   
  • cannot appear at any time during polling hours at his or her polling place or to be in transit from work from the time the polls open until after the time the polls close. 

Assisting Voters with Disabilities

RSA 659:20 Assistance in Voting. Any voter who declares to the moderator under oath that said voter needs assistance marking his or her ballot shall, upon the voter’s choice and request after the moderator has informed the voter of the accessible voting options that are available at the polling place, receive the assistance of one or both of the inspectors of election detailed for that purpose by the moderator or of a person of the voter’s choice provided that the person is not the voter’s employer or union official. Such person so assisting shall be sworn, shall mark the ballot as directed by said voter, and shall thereafter give no information regarding the same. Such person so assisting shall leave the space within the guardrail with the voter.

Bring Home the Vote!
Helpful Resources for Home Care Staff in New Hampshire

Even though all politics are local, we in New Hampshire know the importance of national politics. Bring the Vote Home is a nationwide initiative that is surveying seniors on a wide range of issues while empowering them to engage fully in America’s electoral process.

Print this postcard and distribute to staff, patients, families and volunteers.

To help explain the process, agencies can include this print out with staff or volunteer packets. Working together we will be able to and give our patients the advocacy tools they need.
Use the resources at Bring The Vote Home to offer your home-based care patients, their families, and you as clinicians the resources you need to ensure our voices are heard.

Find voter registration help as well as  national polling data on topics ranging from Medicare to health care access.

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