Hospice Houses

A hospice house is a peaceful home-like residence where terminally ill people receive short term hospice care. Each patient will have a comfortable, private bedroom so their loved ones can remain at the bedside around the clock when time is precious.

Most people prefer to receive care in their own home, but that is not always possible. Hospice Houses are a good alternative and provide a skilled level of care for adults and children with advancing illness who may benefit from pain and symptom management that cannot be met in other settings. Most people find hospice houses to be family friendly and spiritually pleasing. New Hampshire is fortunate to have a number of hospice homes operated by licensed Medicare Certified Hospice providers. To learn if this option might be right for you or a loved one, talk with your physician and feel free to contact them for more information.

New Hampshire Area Hospice Houses

Concord Regional VNA Hospice House    
240 Pleasant Street
Concord NH 03301


Hospice House

The Hospice House is a warm, personalized home that includes 24-hour skilled nursing care for terminally ill patients and their families. Some of the amenities of the Hospice House include a pull-out sofa bed in each room for family and friends to sleep, a personalized menu, a family kitchen area, and a Multi-Faith Meditation Room. There is also access to a computer for e-mail and Internet, and an outside walking path and garden area. In 1994, Hospice House opened to provide community members with a peaceful and supportive end-of-life journey. Through the years, it has often been described as a place where families can be families. Patients find comfort and peace as they are surrounded by family and friends and supported by a caring and professional staff. There are times community hospice patients benefit from being care for at Hospice House following a progression of their illness.

Community Hospice House
210 Naticook Road
Merrimack NH 03054


Our Community Hospice House

At Home Health & Hospice Care, we are dedicated to helping people in our community find a peaceful and dignified end to their life’s journey. The Community Hospice House was lovingly built to care for patients at end of life who were, for a variety of reasons, just not able to be cared for at home. Our state of the art facility is warm and inviting, features comfortable, private living spaces and is staffed by an interdisciplinary team of compassionate healthcare professionals. Providing a warm, home-like environment, the Community Hospice House was designed as a place for family to gather, for loved ones to reconnect, for music to be played, and for all to enjoy the extensive gardens that surround the property. This is a place where time slows and hands are held, where memories become vivid and stories are shared. Both young and old alike have lived their final days at the Community Hospice House, surrounded by family and friends. The length of stay is highly individual, ranging from days to months. We are honored to provide individuals of all ages a place where they can find comfort and peace as they approach the end of their lives.