Shorelines Facilitators

Welcome Shoreline facilitators!

Thank you for volunteering as facilitators for Shoreline conversation of the second session of the volunteer education series, The Power of Story: PERCEPTIONS, October 13, 10 am – noon

During this session you will need these documents. You can either share your internet screen with these items as tabs, or you can download the items to your computer, open them on your desktop, and share them from there. Either is fine, do what works for you.

Share from Internet/browser

Share directly from your computer

Everyone will need to access this page of pictures:


Shoreline support materials:

Following that, hospice volunteer Joan Goeckel will share a few Energy Medicine techniques to get us up and stretching — and to add some new self-care tools to our toolbox! We’ll end the day with a brief peek into some prompts from Megan Devine’s new book, How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed, exploring how stories may be used for self-reflection, particularly in relation to grief. Each agency registered will receive two copies of Devine’s book.

Recording of Shorelines facilitator training

Recording of our first facilitator training:

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