Clear Path Project

Depression is the most common mental health condition prevalent in the elderly, and it is treatable.  Thanks to a new training program called “The Clear Path Project” home care agencies in New Hampshire have the capability to care for seniors throughout the state with depression and other mental health diagnosis.

Clear Path Logo for Constant ContactDepression in this age group often goes untreated because many people think it is a normal part of aging—a natural reaction to chronic illness, loss and social transition. While it’s true that older people do face many challenges and losses, often the symptoms of clinical depression go unrecognized by family and friends.  The Clear Path Project has set out to change that by training nurses to provide  skilled nursing care to those with behavioral health needs.

Twenty Home Care Agencies across New Hampshire have committed to building capacity, improving access to behavioral health services in their communities, and improve overall health quality for our seniors through this collaborative program. With proper physician diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders, we can help get home bound seniors back on the path to health and wholeness.


For Clear Path Agencies

The Clear Path Project is HCANH’s unique initiative to expand the capacity of home health agencies to care for patients with behavior health diagnoses and improve overall health outcomes. Twenty-one agencies have participated in this project in the past three years.

Now in year four, The Clear Path Project adds a new level of flexibility for agencies with our customizable a la carte training opportunities, rather than the annual subscription fee. Educate two clinicians or twenty! Strengthen staff skills in behavioral health with Clear Path Project trainings that work for your agency!

The Clear Path Project onsite training programs are open to HCANH member agencies that participated in any previous year of The Clear Path Project. All participants retain free access to the 19 previous Clear Path Project webinars and new webinars will be added and available throughout the year.


CEU Tracking Tool for Clear Path Participants – .pdf
CEU Tracking Tool for Clear Path Participants – .xls