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THE CFI Story Project

Funding for New Hampshire’s Choices for Independence program is a top legislative priority for the Alliance in the Legislative Session.  We know that agencies are doing their best to deliver necessary services, but staffing issues, low reimbursement and COVID-19 have resulted in gaps of CFI care. It’s important that legislators learn how important CFI is, […]

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HR Metrics Survey

The Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of NH is conducting a Human Resources Metrics Survey among its members.  The purpose of the survey is to get a snapshot of vacancy rates among home health and hospice staff and to determine the 2020 turnover rates for key positions.  This information will help us advocate […]

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Motivation deeper than money

Budgets are tight and fears of new payment systems have you spinning. Not to worry, you don’t need cash. Turns out GRATITUDE goes a long way in employment retention…and face it, every employee you keep is a vacancy you don’t have to fill. There is a myriad of studies showing money alone is not the […]

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Recognize the Best!

LNAs are often at the front line of the health care experience. The LNA of the Year Award offers us all an opportunity to recognize and reward those individuals who have committed themselves to a career as a Licensed Nursing Assistant, offer excellence in patient care, are suburb at communicating with patients, families and staff, […]

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Share Your Story

The Moment I Knew… The Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance knows it’s the PEOPLE working in hospice and home care that make it such a special environment to provide quality, compassionate health care, but what about YOU? What was the moment like? When did you know this work was right for you? Tell […]

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Health Alert: Enterovirus Affects Children in Multiple States

The CDC has issued a Heath Alert Advisory regarding Enterovirus D68 following several cluster outbreaks of severe respiratory illness.  Although there has not been a confirmed cases in New Hampshire yet, there have been more than 100 cases of Enterovirus D68 confirmed in 12 states.  The CDC believes the real number of severe respiratory illnesses […]

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NH Drug Free Workplace Regulation Change

New Hampshire Law Changes Aug. 25 A new State law takes effect this month requiring all licensed health facilities, including Home Care, to have a drug-free work place policy. Home care agencies should review their current policy to assure it meets the new requirements. Need help revising your policy? The US Department of Labor has […]

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Workforce Development Grant Enters Final Stage

Concord, NH -In 2010 The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office of Minority Health (OMH) received a $2,380,059 grant to fund the NH Health Profession Opportunity Project (NH HPOP). The grant has provided low-income individuals with opportunities for education and training in a variety of occupations in the health care field […]

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Creative compensation

It’s important to give a lot of consideration to your business’s compensation structure because it ultimately reflects how employees are valued. Sarah L. Fogleman Kansas State University. When it comes to employee compensation, most managers are busy asking: “What do I have to pay to?” That is not an easy question to answer. A better […]

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