Home Care Client’s Bill of Rights

In 2013, the New Hampshire Legislature passed Senate Bill 87, which resulted in significant changes to home care related sections of RSA 151, the Health Facilities Licensing statue. Senate Bill 87 revised the Home Care Clients’ Bill of Rights and created new notification requirements for home care discharges.

These new laws took effect on January 1, 2014 and apply to all home care agencies licensed in New Hampshire. This pre -recorded webinar, hosted by the Home Care Association of New Hampshire provides the rationale behind the legislation and reviews the statutory changes resulting from SB 87 so that home care agencies have a better understanding of how to adapt their policies and procedures.

Members of New Hampshire Home Care Association may view this webinar free of change.  Non members may purchase the program until August 27, 2014.  Contact Chloe Roe for your user ID and passcode for this important program.

Gina Balkus, CEO of the Home Care Association of New Hampshire, has over 25 years of experience in health care public policy in the Granite State. Prior to joining HCANH in 2011, she served as Director for Government Relations for Dartmouth Hitchcock and Vice President, Public Affairs, for the NH Hospital Association.

The Home Care Association of New Hampshire is a non -profit membership organization established in 1974 to foster high – quality health care services for people at home. Membership is open to NH licensed home care agencies, both medical and non – medical. Benefits include advocacy, education, networking, and access to special group discount programs such as Workers’ Compensation insurance. In addition, HCANH provides information about home care to the general public.