NH Ranks 32nd in Long Term Care Services

A new report issued by AARP, The Commonwealth Fund and The Scan Foundation ranks NH 32 out of 51 states for its state-level performance of long term services and supports that assists older adults, people with physical disabilities and family caregivers. The Raising Expectations report measures states across five dimensions of care: 1) affordability and access, 2) choice of setting and provider, 3) quality of life and quality of care, 4) support for family caregivers and 5) effective transitions. There are 26 indicators within the 5 dimensions.

New Hampshire scored very well, 13th, for Quality of Life Indicators.  The Quality of Life and Quality of Care includes level of support, life satisfaction, and employment of people with disabilities living in the community, and indicators of quality in nursing homes.

Many of the report’s overall indicators relate to nursing home care, but here is a quick look at home care-related indicators:

  • Median annual home care private pay costs as a percentage of median household income (2013)

o    NH: 93%

o    All States Median: 84%

  • Percentage of adults age 18+ with disabilities in the community usually or always getting needed support (2010)

o    NH: 71.3%

o    All States Median: 71.8%

  • Percent of home health patients with a hospital admission (2012)

o    NH: 25.4%

o    All States Median: 25.5%

According to the report, if NH improved its performance to the level of the highest performing state, 778 nursing home residents would receive LTSS in the community and 820 more people who have been in a nursing home for 90 days or more would be able to move back to the community.   Check out the NH Fact Sheet from the Report.