Study Results Point to Caregiving Difficulties

On a recent survey of family caregivers found caregivers are experiencing high blood pressure/hypertension (37%), arthritis (34%), high cholesterol (26%), obesity (18%), and diabetes (13%) at a pretty alarming rate. That coupled with the newest findings of financial insecurity among family caregivers really shines a light on the difficult and complex world of the family caregiver.

The annual report called Usage and Attitudes Survey of family caregivers of older adults in the United States by asks questions about the financial impact of caring for a loved one.  The survey found Nearly half (46%) of family caregivers spent more than $5,000 annually in caregiving costs (e.g., medications, medical bills, in-home care and nursing homes).

As expected, the survey found when it comes to caring for an aging family member, the decision to care for an ailing loved one isn’t entirely based on health care, and caregivers need to weigh the impact of the time commitment, emotional toll, and the financial demands involved.alzheimers

One-third of family caregivers (33%) spend more than 30 hours per week on caregiving, making it almost the equivalent of a full-time job.  The burdens of caregiving can have a tremendous impact on one’s physical and mental health in addition to being financially stressful.

 Other interesting findings showed that nearly a quarter of family caregivers, who decided on a senior care or senior housing option took six months or more to find appropriate available housing for their loved one.

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Source: Caring.Com, Family Caregiver Usage & Attitudes Survey, 2014


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