Home Health Care Symposium March 26 in Portsmouth

ChartaCloud Technologies, member of the Home Care Association of New Hampshire, will host a one day symposium themed “Foundational Home Health Care Services Technologies for Profitability, Performance and Compliance”. The symposium’s agenda is designed to allow home health care service organizations to become more deeply informed regarding current conditions and trends in the home health care services market, IT related HIPAA compliance strategies and the technologies available for use by home health care services businesses to enhance performance and profitability.

The symposium will feature nationally recognized speakers including Mr. Rich Chesney, President of Healthcare Market Resources; Colington Consulting’s CEO, Jay Hodes, former Assistant Inspector General for the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, and technology specialists from ChartaCloud, Hewlett-Packard, Treeno Software, and qliqSoft.

Symposium participants will also have an opportunity engage in a ‘future scenario’ mapping session whereby attendees can interact with their peers to forecast their views on the future of home healthcare services. The purpose of the ‘future scenario’ mapping session will be to develop and share peer defined insights on how to plan for and set strategies for the future.

The symposium will also feature a ’live technologies lab’ whereby participants will have hands on access to advanced technologies such as ‘SMART’ paper forms and digital pens for forms completion and data capture and see the latest technologies for tablet and smartphone based mobile electronic forms processing. Tablets designed specifically for use in healthcare will also be featured and on display.

ChartaCloud believes there is significant community value in assisting home health care service providers to secure a deeper understanding of the role technologies can play as an integral component of their practice profitability and compliance management. To the degree that we can, as a company, contribute as a partner with home health care service practices by helping increase their IT related knowledge, awareness and preparedness for the future of this critically important and growing sector of health care we are pleased to do so.

There is no fee to attend the 2015 Symposium but seating is limited. The symposium will be held at Portsmouth’s The 100 Club located at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Complimentary lunch and refreshments will be provided.

ChartaCloud has also been selected to present a paper on “The Use of Digital Technologies in Home Health Care” at the May, 2015 New England Home Health Care & Hospice Conference in Manchester, NH. More Information regarding that event can be found at: http://www.newenglandhomecareconference.com

Further details regarding the symposium can be obtained and seating reservations can be secured by calling 603-580-1088 or by e-mail at events@chartacloud.com