CMS Publishes Star Ratings on Medicare Home Health Compare Website

Today, CMS released its first round of Quality of Patient Care “star ratings” for Medicare-certified home care agencies. The ratings are now included in the Medicare Home Health Compare website and will be updated quarterly. The stars summarize each agency’s performance on 9 of 29 quality measures that are already posted on Home Health Compare.

According to CMS, most agencies across the country received 3 or 3.5 stars. Agencies that serve New Hampshire averaged 3.5 stars. Here’s the breakdown:
• 4% of the agencies serving NH earned 4.5 stars
• 19% earned 4 stars
• 23% posted 3.5 stars
• 35% earned 3 stars,
• 15% earned 2.5 stars
• 4% earned 2 stars
• There were no agencies at 5 stars, 1.5 or 1 star
Check out CMS’s Fact Sheet about the home health star rating system.