Medicaid Care Management Dates Keep Moving

NH DHHS is continuing its efforts to fully implement Medicaid Care Management, but key dates seem to be moving targets. The original contracts with the MCOs were 5-year contracts — a 3-year term with a 2-year option to extend. The two year extender contracts needed to be inked by July 1st, but negotiations are not yet complete. At this point, DHHS has signed 4-month “As Is Amendments” with Wellsense and Centene. These amendments enable negotiations to continue through July 31st, and then incorporate a 90-day “transition period” back to fee-for-service if the MCO contracts are terminated. There are two major sticking points — budgets and network adequacy for community mental health services.

July 1 was also the target date to begin Step 2 mandatory enrollment for dual eligibles, Katie Beckett kids, and children in foster care, but CMS has not yet approved New Hampshire’s 1915c waiver application. As a result, enrollment has been postponed. Once CMS approval is obtained, Medicaid beneficiaries will have 60 days to enroll.

DHHS is still targeting January 1, 2015 as the effective date for MCO coverage for Choices for Independence clients. However, DHHS has not yet submitted the waiver amendment for this population, and an extensive public input process must be completed prior to submission.

HCANH will do our best to keep you informed as dates keep changing.