MedPAC Releases March 2015 Report to Congress


The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) issued its annual Report to Congress on Medicare Payment Policy, which among other things includes recommended annual rate adjustments for Medicare’s various fee-for-service (FFS) payment systems.

As reported previously for both home health and hospice, MedPAC recommends that Congress eliminate the updates for the 2017 payment year. As the annual payment updates for both home health and hospice are set in statute, elimination of the payment updates for 2017 would require legislative action.

Relative to hospice payment policy, MedPAC is repeating its recommendation that hospice be included as part of the Medicare Advantage benefit package.

With respect to home health, in addition to its recommendation that no payment update for the 2017 payment year be included, MedPAC is recommending that CMS implement a two-year rebasing of the payment system beginning in 2018 and that Congress direct the Secretary to revise the HHPPS to eliminate use of therapy visits as a factor in payment determinations concurrent with rebasing.

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