New Hampshire’s Medicaid Private Duty Rates Increase April 1

NH DHHS has confirmed that Medicaid Private Duty Nursing rates will increase between 25% to 46% on April 1st.  DHHS submitted a Medicaid State Plan Amendment to CMS which allows DHHS to introduce rate differentials for nights, weekends and intensive levels of care. The Association submitted comments supporting the State Plan Amendment.


PDN reimbursement rates will now be as high as $58/hour for RNs and $56/hour for LPNs, which should allow agencies to pay more competitive nursing wages for this specialty care. Current PDN providers have been notified of new billing code modifiers.  Any agencies interested in becoming a new PDN provider should contact Jane Hybsch at NH DHHS.  The Association is working with member agencies and DHHS to facilitate the sharing of wage ranges and recruitment/retention trends.


The new reimbursement rates will increase expenditures for PDN care by more than $3.7 million between now and June 30, 2017. The expenditures are half federal funds and half state funds.


This is the second rate increase for Medicaid home care services in the past year.  The most recent State Budget deployed over $5.3 million for CFI rate increases, including a special 21% retroactive rate adjustment for SFY15, and a 5% rate increase for SFY16 and 17.