Cleveland Honored With LNA of the Year Award

CONCORD, N.H., JulowresCaregiverne 28, 2016– “Mom’s life had become quite restricted,” recalls Dale Sjorgen of Center Conway.  Sjorgen has been on hand for the care needs of her mother since her health began to decline a few years ago.  Eventually, it became too much to do alone. “Luckily, we made a call to the Visiting Nurse [Home Care & Hospice of Carroll County], and they sent Calyn.  She has revived my mother,” explained Sjorgen. “Her kindness, sensitivity and calming demeanor was the very comfort my mom needed.”  Calyn Cleveland, of Center Conway, was recently named Home Care Association of New Hampshire LNA of the year.


New Hampshire has over 17,000 Licensed Nursing Assistants who, like Calyn Cleveland, provide basic patient care, assist with nursing procedures, and often include help with “activities of daily living,” including personal hygiene, meal preparation, and assistance with self-administration of medicine.  For seniors and adults with disabilities, Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) are often the unsung heroes that provide the care needed for folks to stay in their home.


Cleveland began her career working with Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice of Carroll County and Western Maine four years ago, and previously worked as an Activities Director in a long term care facility. “Caring about others first come naturally for Calyn,” says Claudia Leonard, a fellow LNA at the Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice. “She has a great reputation among our clients as loving and kind.  She is always willing to help where there is a need.”


“Calyn’s patients and their families adore her, as do their pets!” says Anita Duncan, Nurse Case Manager at Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice.  “She is empathetic with hospice patients, and goes the extra mile to make everyone in the family feel a part of the care.  She can accomplish miracles with her kindness!” says Duncan. “I am proud to say how much I appreciate her.”


The Home Care Association of New Hampshire has been recognizing outstanding caregivers in the home care setting since it was founded in 1974.  Nominations for the award were submitted by the 38 private and non-profit home care agencies that provide care to every community in New Hampshire.   The member agencies offer services across the state for thousands of New Hampshire residents of all ages who are recovering from surgery, injury or illness, have chronic or terminal illnesses, or other conditions needing support at home.