CMS Releases Hospice Data Directory

This week, CMS announced the availability of a new Hospice Data Directory. This directory includes the Hospice Agency dataset, which provides a list of all hospices certified by Medicare and high-level demographic data. It does not include any quality data.

The information in the Hospice Data Directory comes from the CMS Automated Survey Processing Environment (ASPEN). If your agency’s data is not listed in the database, is incorrect, or has changed, contact your Regional Office (RO) Coordinator. A RO Coordinators list is also included with the Hospice Data Directory.
This is a first step taken by CMS to publicly provide reported hospice data so that stakeholders can identify and locate hospices in a sortable, easy-to-use format. In addition, CMS is actively developing a CMS Hospice Compare site, which is expected in mid-2017.