Home Care Staffing and Turnover Survey Results Released

Twenty-five member agencies responded to HCANH’s recent Vacancy Rate and Turnover Survey. We asked members to report the number of staffed and vacant positions during the week of July 11 – 17, along with their need for additional per diem staff.

Here are some key findings:

  • Agencies reported 73 vacant RN staff positions and needed an additional 63 per diem RN FTEs.
  • There were 25 vacant staff PT positions and 26 per diem PT FTEs needed.
  • The vacancy rate for staff LNAs was 7%. Agencies were also looking to fill 159 per diem LNA FTEs positions.
  • The vacancy rate for staff PCSPs was 10%, with an additional need for 104 per diem FTEs.

Agencies were also asked to report their turnover rates for July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.

  • The turnover rate for all employees was 13%.
  • The turnover rate for RNs was 20%.
  • The turnover rate for LNAs was 18%.

On Tuesday Home Care Association of New Hampshire CEO, Gina Balkus, presented on the findings from the summer study on Staffing and Turnover rates in Home Care. A full report of the survey’s findings is also available.  This information was shared with the Governor’s Commission on Health Care Workforce Shortages. Click here to view HCANH’s presentation.