NH State Senate Politics Heat Up

A Call to Action During the Next Four Weeks


All eyes are on the presidential race, but a dramatic set of state senate races has also begun to emerge. Click on the candidate’s names to learn more about those seeking office in your district.  Your challenge:  Get to know your State Senator  — before you ever need to ask for his or her vote on an issue.  Campaign season is a perfect time to get the attention of Senate candidates.

Here are some suggestions for agency leaders:

  • Attend a “meet and greet” with the State Senate candidates in your area. Many Chambers of Commerce host these types of events.
    • Ask a health-related question at the event.
    • Introduce yourself and offer to share insights on issues that affect healthcare and vulnerable populations.
  • Invite the State Senate candidates to meet with your management team or your Board of Directors.
    • Ask the candidates to share their position on health care issues.
    • Share the challenges your agency faces in caring for vulnerable citizens
    • Check out the candidates’ website in advance so you have a sense of their perspectives.
  • Arrange for your Senate candidates to shadow a provider on a Medicaid or CFI home visit so that they can better understand the services your agency provides.
If you have questions about any of these suggestions, contact Gina Balkus.  The Association can provide assistance for candidate meetings and visits.


New Hampshire State Senate Candidates 
District 1 — North Country
 Dolly McPhaul  (R-Sugar Hill)
Jeff Woodburn (D-Whitefield)  
District 2 — Plymouth/Meredith area
Charlie Chandler (D-Warren)
Bob Guida (R- Warren)
District 3 — Conway/Wolfeboro area
Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) i
John R. White (D-Wolfeboro)
District 4 —  Dover area
Bill O’Connor (R- Barrington)
David Waters (D- Dover) i
District 5 — Upper Valley area
Martha Hennessey (D- Hanover)
Marie Lozito (R- Claremont)

District 6 — Rochester area

Joe Casey (D- Rochester)
James P. Gray (R- Rochester)
District 7 — Laconia area
Harold French (R- Franklin)
Andrew Hosmer (D- Laconia) i
District 8  —  Monadnock &Sunapee area
John Garvey (D- New London)
Ruth Ward (R- Stoddard)
District 9 — Bedford & Monadnock area
Lee Nyquist (D- New Boston)
Andy Sandborn (R- Bedford) i
District 10 — Keene area
Jay Kahn (D-Keene)
Chester Lapointe (D- Keene)
District 11 — Milford area
Gary Daniels (R- Milford) i
Rogert Tilton (D- Milford)
District 12 —  Nashua/Hollis area
Kevin Avard (R- Nashua) i
Peggy Gilmour (D- Hollis)

District 13 — Nashua
Joan Donahue (R- Nashua)
Bette Lasky (D- Nashua) i
District 14 — Londonderry area
Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) i
Tammy Siekmann (D-Londonderry)
District 15 — Concord area
Dan Feltes (D-Concord) i
Jeff Newman (R- Concord)
District 16 — Hooksett/Manchester area
Joe Duarte (R-Candia)
Scott McGilvray (D- Hooksett)
District 17 — Loudon/Northwood area
Nancy Fraher (D-Chichester)
John Reagan (R- Deerfield) i
District 18 — Manchester/Litchfield
Donna Soucy (D-Manchester)
Ross Terrio (R-Manchester)
District 19 — Derry area
Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead) i
Kristi St. Laurent (D-Windham)
District 20 — Manchester/Goffstown
Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) i
Carla Gericke (R-Manchester)
District 21 — Portsmouth/Durham area
Martha Fuller Clark (D- Portsmouth) i
District 22 — Salem area
Chuck Morse (R-Salem) i
District 23 — Exeter area
Bill Gannon (R-Sandown)
Alexis Simpson (D- Exeter)
District 24 —  Hampton area
Dan Innis (R- New Castle)
Tom Sherman (D-Rye)



Not sure which district your town is in? Click on Who’s My Senator  to see who your current NH State Senator is and the district number for your town.

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