Scholarship and Excellence Awards

The Home Care Association of New Hampshire has four exciting opportunities to recognize the best and the brightest among our members. By recognizing excellence among our agencies, staff, students and advocates the Home Care Association of New Hampshire strives to publicly acknowledge and thank those who make a difference throughout Home Care, as well as to attract and retain caring individuals to work in New Hampshire’s Home Care setting.

Nomination Deadline Extended to May 25!

Nominations for all of these awards Extended to Friday, May 25 by 5:00 p.m.

Home Care Service Award
Maryellen LaRoche Public Policy Award

Home Care LNA of the Year Award

LNAs are often at the front line of the health care experience. The LNA of the Year Award offers us all an opportunity to recognize and reward those individuals who have committed themselves to a career as a Licensed Nursing Assistant, offer excellence in patient care, are suburb at communicating with patients, families and staff, and are also a role model for fellow professional caregivers.

Select and nominate a Nursing Assistant from your staff, to place your nomination. The nominee must be a licensed nursing assistant (LNA), employed by a member agency, with a current active license. Selection is based on the narrative submitted by the agency, and consideration is also given to supporting documents like testimony from families, clients and co-workers. Some suggestions to consider when selecting your nominee are: most outstanding performance on a continuous basis; most reliable – someone who can always be counted on to be there and give 100 percent; seniority/loyalty; an employee held in high regard by peers as well as management; an employee who has done something extraordinary for a client; an employee who exemplifies high standards held by your agency; or any other criteria you choose. This is your chance to recognize and reward what you most value in your Nursing Assistants.

You already know that LNA’s are hard working, caring individuals who serve patients and their families every day and regard this service as more than just a job. Now you need to tell the world.

Maryellen LaRoche Nursing Scholarship

The Home Care Association of New Hampshire established the Maryellen LaRoche Nursing Scholarship to support individuals currently employed in home healthcare who are working towards an associate, bachelors, or advanced nursing degree. The scholarship honors Maryellen LaRoche, who was the executive director of Carroll County Health & Home Care in Chocorua until her death in 2009. She was a mentor to paraprofessional and nursing staff throughout her career.

FAQ for Maryellen LaRoche Scholarship

Scholarship Application Form

Home Care Service Award

The Home Care Association of New Hampshire recognizes the Best of the Best with the Home Care Service Award. This award showcases and celebrates true excellence and dedication to providing quality in-home health care. Recipients of the Service Award have been identified as those agencies who have consistently demonstrated a passion for patients and employee satisfaction, and offer exemplary quality of care. Companies are evaluated based on agency training, communication, overall quality of care, caregiver performance, caregiver morale, response to problems and recommendation of services.

Home Care Service Award Nomination

Maryellen LaRoche Public Policy Award

The Maryellen LaRoche Public Policy Award recognizes exceptional contributions to New Hampshire’s Home Care industry through public policy. Recipients have advocated on behalf of New Hampshire’s Home Care and Visiting Nurses, and made a significant impact for our employees, patients and their families. These advocacy champions are recognized for their dedication to the provision of quality home care and for their exemplary service to those they serve in the home care community.

Maryellen LaRoche Public Policy Award Nomination