Clear Path Project- Year 4: A New Model to Fit Your Needs

The Clear Path Project is a unique, multi-year educational initiative designed to enhance the capacity of home health agencies to provide skilled psychiatric nursing care to home bound seniors with behavioral health conditions.

With the Clear Path Project now in its fourth year, HCANH and C & V Senior Care Services are offering new options to help agencies maintain momentum in their behavioral health program.

Choose among the three offerings listed below.  Agencies can train one or 100 nurses on your schedule, have access to all 19 educational webinars from years 1-3, as well as the newly updated Road to Wholeness Manual.


Online Ondemand Clinical Behavioral Health Training

Six on-line modules introduce new clinicians to the Road to Wholeness material and give them the basics of behavioral health skilled nursing care that is compliant with Medicare regulations. This training is the same as the full day program C & V previously offered in New Hampshire. Clinicians should have access the agency’s Road to Wholeness Manual and Care Guides while they are taking the course. Each clinician has two weeks to complete the 6 modules. Six hours of continuing education nursing credits are available upon completion of the online exam.
Fee: $189 per person

Clear Path Project On-Demand Webinars

Once clinicians complete the on-line training, they will have FREE access to all 19 webinars in HCANH’s Clear Path Project Archive. These provide additional training on diverse topics such assessment tools, medication management, de-escalating difficult patients, operational management and more. Ideal as a refresher for past participants as well.
No additional fee

Road to Wholeness Comprehensive Operational Manual

The revised manual includes essential operation materials from previous editions plus updates including Caregiver Strain & Global Deterioration scales and teaching tools including Anxiety Stress Worksheet, Worry Stress Control Chart, Mood and Activity Chart, Activity Mood Chart with Goals. There is a new documentation section as well, with Triggers/Red Flags Nursing Note Checklist, Documentation Samples, Pod Call Questions and Spreadsheet, as well as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar & Schizophrenia Assessment Intervention Instruction Checklists.
Operational Manual Fee: $275


The initiative was created by the Home Care Association of New Hampshire to improve overall health outcomes. It consists of clinical training and materials developed by our national experts, C & V Senior Care Services, and 19 webinars produced by the Association. Twenty-one member agencies have participated in this ground-breaking project, and over 300 clinicians have been trained.