Be Sure To Pick Both PEPPERs!

New Hampshire’s hospices are better at accessing their PEPPER reports than home care agencies.  Two-thirds of the state’s hospices retrieved their most recent PEPPER, while just one-third of home care agencies downloaded theirs. All providers — hospice and home care — should review their PEPPERs regularly!  

PEPPER reports summarize one provider’s Medicare claims data statistics for areas that may be at higher risk for improper Medicare payments.  Providers can consider their statistics and whether they should take any action, such as reviewing a sample of records to ensure care provided was necessary and that documentation supports the diagnosis and procedure codes that were billed. PEPPER has been available to home health agencies since July of 2015, and to hospices since 2012. The PEPPER Access Guide provides helpful information on how to determine the distribution schedule and retrieve your PEPPERs.