HCANH/NHHCPO Affiliation Update

HCANH/NHHCPO Affiliation Update


Thank you to all who responded to the recent survey sent by Joan Hull of CompassWise Consulting.  We were pleased that many of you took the time to give Joan your thoughts on the possibility of our two organizations coming together into one entity. Joan has met with directors of both organizations and reports an overwhelmingly positive sentiment in the surveys for our organizations to merge. There were also some common themes that emerged. As a result, we have formed a Task Force comprised of six members from each organization to start mapping out a possible plan.  Task Force Members include:



  • Janice McDermott, Executive Director
  • Andrea Patrick-Baudet from Cornerstone VNA & Hospice,
  • Peg Gilmour, Healthcare Consultant/former State Senator,
  • Bruce Mast from Bruce Mast Associates,
  • Don McDonah from St. Joseph Hospital Palliative Care Program and,
  • Dimitri Panacopoulos from BerryDunn,


  • Gina Balkus, CEO
  • Sandy Ruka, CEO, VNS, Home Care, and Hospice of Carroll County
  • Jim Culhane, CEO, Lake Sunapee VNA and Hospice
  • David Emberly, CFO, Central NH VNA and Hospice
  • Beth Slepian, CEO, Concord Regional VNA and Hospice
  • Rick Petersen, CEO, Interim Healthcare

The Task Force members have been assigned to sub-groups to address:

  • Dues Structure Models
  • Mission Statement
  • Keeping the “essence” of NHHPCO without losing that of HCANH, and
  • Due Diligence

The process is just beginning and if all goes smoothly will be completed in 2018.  We will keep you informed along the way.  Please contact Janice or Gina if you have questions.