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Home Care is different, but what keeps you going?
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The Home Care Association of New Hampshire knows it’s the PEOPLE working in home care that make it such a special setting to receive quality, compassionate health care, but what about YOU?

Why do YOU do what You do everyday?


Tell us about it!

Upload a quick (20-30 seconds) video to our Facebook page and tell us what makes working at your agency so rewarding for you. Use your phone, webcam, IPad or whatever you have to record your message.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, we just want to hear from you.


There are prizes too.
Obviously, a public platform to brag that you have the best job of all your friends is reward enough, but we are sweetening the pot! The posted entry with the most likes at noon on November 30 will win $150. There will be smaller prices for 2nd and 3rd place, so keep those entries coming. The winning entry must include a current employee (or employees), in good standing, of a HCANH member agency. All entries must comply with agency, state and federal privacy regulations & policies.