Leadership Conference Keynote: TBI Survivor Kevin Pearce

Champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s epic rise, life-changing fall and inspiring road to recovery were chronicled in The Crash Reel, the acclaimed HBO documentary by Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker. You can watch the official film trailer here.

A brain injury is like a fingerprint, no two are alike | Kevin Pearce | TEDxLincolnSquare

Now in competition with himself, former pro-snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, shares with us his story of suffering a traumatic brain injury. And the difference between winning then and winning now. Kevin Pearce, former professional snowboarder, is an inspirational public speaker and co-founder of LoveYourBrain LLC.

With dramatic footage from the film that brings his moving story to life, Kevin will share his stellar snowboarding career before the crash and his spiritual and physical journey to accept and overcome his traumatic brain injury.


As one audience member put it: “I have been a Pediatric RN for 30 years and specialized in TBI and Spinal Cord injury. I learned so much from your talk tonight that will serve me in such a positive way both personally and professionally.”


This is an unforgettable story of family, strength, determination and the triumph of the human spirit in overcoming even the greatest challenges, brought to you at the Northeast Home Health Superhero Summit, supporting you both personally and professionally in your work on behalf of patients.


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