CMS Unveils Proposed Rule for Medicare Home Health Payments

On July 2nd. CMS published itsMedicare Home Health Rate Rule and plans for 2020 payment reform. Here’s a synopsis of rate changes:

  • The HHPPS episodic payment rate, after case mix and wage index adjustments, will increase by 2.1%.
  • Per visits payments will also increase by 2.1%
  • The rural add-on for 2019 will be 3% for all rural counties in New Hampshire, except Merrimack County.
  • The rural add-on for Merrimack County will drop to 1.5% because CMS categorized it as a high-utilization rural county.
  • The wage indices for NH will also change:
  • Rural NH MSA will decrease from 1.0633 to 1.0359
  • Strafford/Rockingham County MSA will increase from 0.9803 to 0.991
  • The Manchester/Nashua MSA will decrease from 0.9928 to 0.9607


The agency also proposed a payment reform model for 2020 that includes a 30-day payment unit for 60-day episodes of care and elimination of therapy volume thresholds for payment amounts.


Click here to download the 600-page rule. The deadline for public comments is August 31st