NH Politics: State Update

Election Recap   By now, most people know that New Hampshire’s State House will have a blue hue in the next legislative session. While pundits were predicting that Democrats would retake the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate might be evenly split, few predicted just how far the blue wave would reach..   Last session, the House had 211 Republicans, 167 Democrats, 2 independents and 20 vacancies. The election swept in 234 D’s and 166 R’s. The Senate swung from a 14-10 Republican majority to a 14-10 Democratic majority. The Executive Council, which approves gubernatorial appointments and state contracts, is now 3 D’s – 2Rs.  
The shifts were not large enough to assure a veto-proof majority in either chamber. While the Dems will control the legislative agenda, Republican Governor Chris Sununu can still wield a red veto pen. Let’s hope they all play nicely in the sand box!
NH State house