Train Up on OASIS D

OASIS D is HERE! We have the training you need on YOUR Schedule.

The Alliance’s 4.5 hour training on OASIS D began last Thursday, with two more sessions scheduled for for this week. Take advantage of the live version and the recordings by registering today!

Session 1, recording available: An overview of changes to the OASIS Data Collection Tool from OASIS C2 to the new OASIS D. A focus will be on the rationale for these changes and significance of each.

Session 2, January 8: Review the new GG elements. The queries will be reviewed with emphasis on their content, rationale, use, definitions, etc. with practice scenarios. The link between these elements new to home health and how they are used will be discussed.

Session 3, January 10: Focus on the J elements (content, rationale, use, definitions, etc. with practice scenarios) and other additional changes that will be seen in the new tool. This session will also conclude with a review of those more critical Q&A posted by CMS relating to these changes. Register and get started today, Under the Wire: OASIS D Training.