Two Important Surveys for Alliance Members

As we head into the Legislative Session, we need all members to share crucial data so we can effectively advocate on your behalf. This week, the Alliance will send two surveys to home care and hospice agencies.

A Workforce Survey will be conducted by Helms & Company –– an Affiliate Member — to get a snapshot of vacancy rates and turnover rates for key positions. The survey will be sent to HR Managers, with a return date of January 24th.

The Alliance has been asked by policy makers to quantify the cost of delivering services to Choices for Independence (CFI) clients. Since CFI providers do not file cost reports, we asked Affiliate Member BerryDunn to develop a spreadsheet that can be populated with each members’ cost data. This CFI Cost Survey will be sent to CFOs. All data will be aggregated to develop statewide averages. Individual agency responses will be kept completely confidential. We ask all agencies to submit survey responses so we can represent our entire membership