2019 Vaughan Awards -The Nomination Deadline Approaches

Only one month remains before the deadline for you to nominate the noteworthy volunteer(s) that you will want to nominate for the Joseph D. Vaughan Award for service provided tis past year.  Recipients will be recognized in a ceremony in the State House on May 6, 2019.

The State Committee on Aging and EngAGING NH invite and urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate special volunteers from the state or in your community in recognition of his or her service or advocacy rendered on behalf of older residents in the Granite State.

Please see the attached document for criteria and other pertinent information.  We encourage you to forward this “Invitation to Nominate” to others who may be inclined to make an effort to recognize older adult volunteers worthy of recognition for special service to seniors and others in their community.

Every person who is nominated will receive one of two letters: award recipients will receive a letter congratulating them for being selected and inviting them to the award ceremony; non-recipients will receive a letter commending them for being nominated to let them know they are appreciated by their community for the service they provide.