Hospice Speaker Coming to New Hampshire this June

The Alliance Board of Directors is supporting a speaking tour offered by Kimberly Paul,  the author of “Bridging the Gap:  Life Lessons Learned from the Dying”.  This follows a board discussion about initiating a community education campaign focused on palliative care. 

Kimberly worked in television before spending 17 years as V P of Communications and Outreach for a hospice in North Carolina. Kimberly left her job at hospice in December 2016, cashed in her retirement and created a new platform that invites everyone around the table to have open conversations about death and dying.  She created a podcast, Death by Design, that hosts industry leaders in medicine as well as artists, designers, caregivers and authors who are reclaiming their voice around their own experiences with death and dying. In June 2018, she bought an RV, downsized her belongings and hit the road with her German Shepherd, Haven.  Kimberly has named her adventure the “Live Well Die Well Tour” because she states, “The more I talk about death, the more boldly I feel I’m living life to the fullest.”  See her presentation at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcauNT3x2k8.

The Live Well Die Well tour is supported by over 20 sponsors including Cabot Cheese, My Last Soundtrack, Amedisys Hospice, INEDLA, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, POLST Paradigm and many more who support community education in an effort to empower individuals to reclaim death as a human experience and not a medical event. http://www.deathbydesign.com/podcast/livewelldiewelltour/

Stay tuned for upcoming talks with Kimberly this New Hampshire in June