PDGM Discount Codes

You have questions on PDGM. Good news, NAHC has created top notch recorded webinars and videos to help you out. Better news. Alliance members get a discount. Use the following links and codes to get the best traing, at the best price!

When purchasing, select “state sponsored” on the NAHC site.

As a state association member, you need to select the product in the Video or Webinar series that starts with the phrase State Sponsored.

See the NAHC page for details.

State Sponsored PDGM Webinar Series (Graduate) 

State Sponsored PDGM Video Series (Starter)  is for the video only

Alliance Member Discount Codes

  • Individual Webinar Code – PDGM-Ind-NH01
  • PDGM Webinar Series (all 7 webinars) Code – PDGM-NH01
  • PDGM Video Code – PDGM-NH01
  • Combo – PDGM Video and Webinar Series (all 7 webinars) Code – PDGM-Combo-NH01

There’s a lot to consider. Advanced training is important.

For billing purposes, PDGM proposes to keep the RAP/final claim billing methodology

  • CMS estimates the median time to submit a RAP is 12 days so they are soliciting comments on if this makes sense
  • Potential Notice of Admission to establish the agency as primary if
  • RAPs are eliminated
  • OASIS still completed every 60 days
  • PEPs (Partial Episode Payments) have same methodology
  • Outliers have same methodology, although fixed dollar loss would need to change
  • Based on current rules, 4.77% of estimated total payments would be outlier dollars
  • CMS requirement that number cannot exceed 2.5% Miscellaneous