We Have PDGM for YOU!

PDGM Preparations

  • Medicare-certified agencies are probably tired of hearing about the upcoming Patient-Driven Groupings Model.  I just returned from a national conference and one thing became very clear to me:  YOU CANNOT BE TOO PREPARED!  PDGM will be the single biggest change in the way home care agencies do business since the implementation of HHPPS.  Everyone on your team needs to be prepared.
  • The NAHC PDGM Webinar series is the best way to teach your staff the basics.  Sign up if you haven’t already – contact us for the discount code.
  • Coding is critical!  Even if you plan to outsource coding, you need to know this stuff.  We have three educational options, all with coding expert Joan Usher.
    • Beginner Coding webinar series – underway now and available as a recording
    • 2019 Coding Update – webinar on Sept. 11.  There are 324 code changes and 273 new codes!
    • Intermediate Coding Training – October 3, all-day, in-person, interactive – it doesn’t get any better than this type of training.
  • See our site for more: https://homecarenh.org/coding/