Heroes Among Us: Improving Sepsis Care


One of the key tools in improving sepsis care was the development of a computerized algorithm to help identify and diagnose sepsis early. This algorithm runs in the background, covering nearly all patients in the facility.

“We have predictive models that can identify children at risk. This is early in the course and prevents resource consumption, both for the parents in personal time, as well as for the healthcare system.”

– Charles G. Macias, MD, Chief Clinical Systems Integration Officer and Co-Chairman of the Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes of the Children’s Hospital Association


2019 Sepsis Hero: Texas Children’s Hospital | Sepsis Alliance

Texas Children’s Hospital, saving children and mothers through innovation Texas Children’s Hospital is a not-for-profit organization, with nearly 1,000 beds spread over three hospitals in Houston. The staff sees more than 21,000 hospital admissions and 150,000 emergency room visits each year. The hospital system has been recognized as one of the best children’s hospitals in the United States.