Great employees are out there, but how to find them? Tips from Marketing

Great employees are out there, but how to find them?


Tips from Marketing

Chances are you didn’t find your current significant other in the personal section of a newspaper, and you likely won’t find your next job there either. Advertising in mass media casts too wide a net. Think smaller. Think targeted.


Treat recruitment like a marketing campaign. Target potential employees the same way you would any other agency advertising. WHO are you looking for, WHERE are they, and WHAT do they want?


Find your target market.

Today’s workforce wants a relationship with their employer, not just a paycheck. Look at your agency’s Facebook feed. Every time you tag a staff member, their 50 friends see it and maybe even “like” the post. Your new recruit might be among them. Start there. Your agency’s social media should reflect the culture you want to portray to potential clients and employees. If it’s not… start there.


Create social media chat groups to find and connect with candidates. Foster an environment where current employees are your social media brand ambassadors.


Where are they? Use technology.

Drill down your potential candidates through online employee search engines, like Indeed, Careerbuilder, Monster, and Glassdoor. They all have tools to control for geography, education, interests and more… use the tools.


Host or participate in an online career fair. Don’t underestimate actual job fairs at colleges and career fairs at local schools either. Even if they don’t join you now, it will be in the back of their minds as a possibility in years to come.


Are you what they want? Brand yourself to stand out.

This is the most important page to take from the marketing playbook, BRANDING. How do Grappone and Berlin City Auto Dealers sell so many cars in areas without so many people? They offer service & selection, sure, but more over they tell people about it!


Attract people for your hard-to-fill jobs and hard-to-sell locations by standing out from the crowd and clearly defining yourself and your mission- and then market it.


Try this: Answer this question in a unique hashtag, and then share it on all your social media channels: Why should I work with you, and why now. Take your own perspective out of the picture; good advertising elicits a response from the consumer, or this case, the recruit.


Other ideas from for our members:

·    Redefine job responsibilities to get the most out of your existing staff, before they burnout.

·    Provide debt relief. Help pay down school-related debt through student loan repayment plans.

·    Many of our members are trying signing bonuses and stipends.

·    Offer flexible scheduling. Ease the burden of long hours and prevent burnout by creating, or expanding, Baylor shifts in a few departments.

·    Encourage internal mobility- yes, it means an opening somewhere else, but if that means you keep someone motivated and learning, it could mean only one opening- and not two.

Have other great HR ideas that work?

Share them with me, I’ll tell the others!