Guidance for hospice visits in facilities in the age of COVID-19

Please see the  Governors Executive Order 2020-04 relating to the visitation requirements of all facilities providing care to older adults.

As of 3/15/20 at 11:59 pm all assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, nursing facilities, residential care facilities or any other similar facilities providing residential care to elderly or infirm patients, shall prohibit visitor access to reduce facility based transmission of COVID- 19.

This prohibition shall not apply to medically necessary personnel, visitors for residents receiving end of life care, or visitors necessary to provide for [sic] psychosocial needs as determined by a licensed medical care provider.

Please continue to stay informed with the frequent updates about this evolving outbreak at our DHHS webpage: You may get current situation updates and technical guidance on the CDC’s website: and

Hospice workers ARE considered health care workers and SHOULD BE PERMITTED to enter the facility. Additional guidance on exceptions for health care workers: Facilities should follow CDC guidelines for restricting access to health care workers found at ncov/hcp/guidancerisk-assesment-hcp.html. This also applies to other health care workers, such as hospice workers, EMS personnel, or dialysis technicians, that provide care to residents. They should be permitted to come into the facility as long as they meet the CDC guidelines for health care workers. Facilities should contact their local health department for questions, and frequently review the CDC website dedicated to COVID-19 for health care professionals ( nCoV/hcp/index.html) Source: CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Nursing Homes (REVISED)