COVID-19 Guidance from Bureau of Health Facility Administration

This message is being sent to all licensed healthcare facilities in NH.

Dear Administrators,

First, please accept our heartfelt THANK YOU, we fully realize the challenges all healthcare workers are facing during this crisis. We want to best assist the facilities to be able to continue to provide care, to ensure the health and safety of those you care for as well as those providing the care.

Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-04  the Department is authorized to waive any of the licensing or credentialing requirements of RSA Chapter 151 and accompanying regulations with respect to any hospital or health facility.

To expedite the crucial task of on boarding new employees, the Department will agree to waive the pre-employment skin or blood test requirement until the state of emergency has ended.  Please use the attached questionnaire  to replace the pre-employment skin test or blood test. A huge thank you to Meghan Cook of the Kaplan Development Group for generating this questionnaire!!

The Department agrees to waive the requirement for a Department of Safety, NH State Police criminal background check, instead an online national criminal background check will be acceptable until the state of emergency has ended.

The Department agrees to waive the pre-employment exam until the state of emergency has ended. The Department expects the alternative proposal would be a facility generated health questionnaire or screening tool be issued prior to hiring.

Please send all other waiver considerations you may have. The request form can be emailed and as always please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

We encourage you to stay up to date with the most accurate guidance which can be found at DHHS COVID-19  and the CDC. Please check the content frequently to stay informed of new developments. The Department is also releasing COVID-19 daily updates. This is a rapidly evolving situation, monitoring these websites frequently is recommended.
Thank you and be safe.

Form in .doc here: TB Employee Questionnaire

Marilee D. Curran, MS
Licensing Database Administrator
Health Facilities Administration-Licensing
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