NH Burn Rate Survey and Stress Relief Assistance

ATTACHMENT 1: Vendor list

Please see the most recent list of vendors who have contacted the state offering PPE and materials.  The state works hard to vet these vendors but you should vet them yourselves prior to entering into a contract.  You may still make your requests for PPE though WebEOC to ESF8 but demand continues to exceed available stock.  All requests are important and the state continues to work on resources to meet these essential needs.  We are looking at solutions to provide this list in another format, hopefully by the end of the week so you can sort and prioritize.

If you have a negative experience with one of these vendors or feel the vendor is not who or what they say they are, please let me know so we can address it!

ATTACHMENT 2: Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team Help Poster

This event can cause even the most prepared among us a great amount of stress, especially those that are tasked with caring for others.  Please review this attachment as a resource to help vent some of that stress.  This team is here for you, to help you as needed.  This service is free and available daily.  Please see the flyer for more.

Masks for New Hampshire (This is available to all healthcare, EMS, and emergency services)

Masks for New Hampshire is a private and philanthropic-sector initiative spearheaded by SoClean, Inc. of Peterborough NH.

If you are in need of protective masks for your facility, we encourage you to contact us at the email address below to be added to our distribution list. 

Please include: 

  • Name and Address of Organization
  • Type of Healthcare Related Facility
  • Contact Name and Phone Number

Someone from the SoClean team will reach out to discuss some more sensitive information.   If you have specific questions, please address them to the email below.


Email: MasksforNH@soclean.com


Additional program details can be found here:



This is a private organization that is working to fulfill this need.  As these resources are being donated, they are not currently being arranged through the ESF8 desk and SoClean has their own vetting process.  I have confirmed with the state that this company and website is authentic.


PPE Daily Burn Rate Survey

In an effort to assist the PPE purchasing process in the State Emergency Operations Center, the state is asking all partners to identify their daily PPE burn rate via the below link. This link will populate automatically to WebEOC and ensure all appropriate information for PPE usage in our state is tracked daily during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I am attempting to send out reminders every Monday to assist them in this process. We only need one response per organization.  Please click the link here to access: https://arcg.is/W5SLe





Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team

As this event continues, many of the people that take care of others may be feeling a great deal of stress.  The attached flyer is a possible resource to find assistance to help off-let that stress.  Self-care is always very important, especially during our COVID-19 response.

Stay healthy and keep smiling!


Scott Nichols

Director, Granite State Health Care Coalition

Foundation for Healthy Communities

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(603) 415-4299 direct

e-mail: snichols@healthynh.org

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