Housing Solutions Available to Healthcare Workers and General Public

We now have possible temporary housing solutions for both healthcare workers/first responders (Tier 1) and general public (Tier 2).  We are working on additional solutions for people experiencing homelessness as well as dependency and mental health issues which could require a higher level of assistance (Tier 3 or Tier 4). 



In order to provide additional resources to your workers and keep everyone safe, healthcare workers and/or first responders that are in need of either Respite or Self-Isolation/Quarantine now have the option of staying at a remote location. Self-Isolation/Quarantine is limited to 14 days post-exposure for asymptomatic individuals.  These sites have been broken down into two distinct areas:


Respite Sites  are rooms that will be available for employees who are working extended shifts, need a place to rest and recover, and may not want to jeopardize their family due to the work they are performing.  They are asymptomatic and are able to take care of themselves.  Food and extraneous costs are the responsibility of the healthcare worker/first responder or their organization. Those at respite sites are free to come and go as needed.  They may be collocated with other first responders or healthcare professionals involved with this response requiring respite. 



Self-Isolation/Quarantine (IQ) Sites are for first responders and healthcare workers who may have either had an unprotected exposure to COVID-19 while working or have mild symptoms and need a place to stay while they await testing and/or test results. The National Guard is missioned to provide Site Manager services which may include daily monitoring as needed.  This monitoring may be via phone or in-person.  Self-Isolation/Quarantine is limited to 14 days post-exposure for asymptomatic individuals.   


Accessing These Resources

Both types of services for healthcare workers and first responders can be arranged through the following phone number where a number of questions may be asked to determine placement:

Call the State Emergency Operations Center, ESF 4-Firefighting desk at (603) 223-3718.  This number is answered 24/7 to assist healthcare and public safety agencies. 



Food and other applicable costs with the exception of the room expense is the responsibility of the healthcare organization or individual.





These sites are for individuals who are members of the general public who are able to provide for their own general needs.  These will be Isolation and Quarantine Sites only and will need to have a medical referral to access placement.  The referral form is attached. 


Accessing These Resources

To access this Tier of service, please contact the following phone number at 603-415-1624.  You also have the option of filling out the attached referral form which can be sent to:  GSHCC@healthynh.org.  The phone number is staffed 24/7.  An email will be addressed within 24 hours.  In both cases, the participant needing assistance will be contacted.



Food and other applicable costs with the exception of the room expense is the responsibility of the individual.   



The cost of the room, site management, and National Guard services are covered by the state.  Additional questions about logistical support such as food and administrative issues would be best addressed by the Site Managers as they can refer you to the proper point of contact, or provide assistance to a solution.


Medical Referral

A medical referral is needed for Tier 2 placement.  The form or referral can come from hospital clinicians, Walk-in Care Centers commonly known as Urgent Cares, and primary care physicians.  These referrals include telehealth consults.  Any questions regarding a medical referral can be directed to the intake phone numbers listed above.



This is a phased roll-out.  Sites will become available as demand increases.  Available site placement may require the participant to travel outside of their community. 


Thank you for your hard work and dedication,



J. Scott Nichols

Director, Granite State Health Care Coalition

Foundation for Healthy Communities

125 Airport Road
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 415-4299 direct