Latest Resource List, Burn Rate Survey June 29, 2020


LINKED: Vendor list

Please see the most recent list of vendors who have contacted the state offering PPE and materials.  The state works hard to vet these vendors but you should vet them yourselves prior to entering into a contract.  You may still make your requests for PPE though WebEOC to ESF8 but demand continues to exceed available stock.  Currently gowns and gloves are the high demand items but are in short supply.  All requests are important and the state continues to work on resources to meet these essential needs.

If you have a negative experience with one of these vendors or feel the vendor is not who or what they say they are, please let me know so we can address it!

Burn Rate Survey

In an effort to assist the PPE purchasing process in the State Emergency Operations Center, the state is asking all partners to identify their daily PPE burn rate via the below link. I send this out every Sunday or Monday for a once a week reminder to submit.  This link will populate automatically to WebEOC and ensure all appropriate information for PPE usage in our state is tracked daily during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We only need one response per organization.  Please click the link here to access:

Please feel free to forward to your healthcare partners.


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