Clear Mask Options

This list was assembled by one of our state partners to help provide a list of known clear mask manufacturers. See the entire collection here: Clear Mask Manufacturers.

Many of you may find that you have need for this type of resource.  I have not vetted these companies, so please do your due diligence before entering into a contract with them.  Many are small businesses trying to satisfy a specific need so may not be able to accommodate very large orders.  If you find that they do not provide what is represented, please let me know.

Thank you for your continuing work as we persevere through COVID!

Be safe and stay healthy,

Scott Nichols

Director, Granite State Health Care Coalition

Foundation for Healthy Communities

Commercial Manufacturers

The Communicator Clear Surgical Masks

FDA Registered ASTM Level 1 Face mask. Fog-resistant Clear Panel. Clear Communication. Advanced Protection.

Box of 40 masks, $60.

The Clear Mask

24 masks for $60.

We are working around the clock to fulfill your order as soon as possible. Please note that we are prioritizing hospitals, healthcare institutions, and essential workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are only able to fulfill bulk orders at this time.


 ADCO   FaceView Mask


Face Shields

Face Shields are another option when it comes to protection. Check with your administration/employer about recommended protocol for using Face Shields. It should NOT be assumed that use of a face shield is enough until you have had this conversation.


InstaShield (FDA Approved)


InstallShield fits over any standard baseball cap.

From website:

Whether you are working an essential job or running errands, InstaShield™ is a comfortable and affordable way to protect your eyes and face from potentially infectious materials. It also helps you keep your own droplets to yourself and discourages face touching. InstaShield easily fits over the bill of a baseball-type cap and surrounds the face for additional coverage.

Pack of 5 is $10. Packs of 10, 100 are also available. Purchase InstaShield

Shield Pals

These are shields with character! They are designed for children in mind. These are used in conjunction with a mask. Link to site:  Shield Pals

Cost: $5 a shield.






Rapid Response PPE

This company not only makes masks with clear windows but also full face shields.

Price varies and is dependent on quantity ordered. Ordering form can be found on their website.

Humanity Masks (face shield) are $60/each ranging to $31.95 for 50-100 masks.

Humanity Mask
Courtesy photo | Hal Daugherty Hal Daugherty, founder of Rapid Response PPE, demonstrates a new style of mask that allows the hearing-impaired to see the user’s mouth, facilitating communication.


Face Shield – Crosstex

Description from website

  • Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield.
  • 1.5” Foam headband holds shield away from the face; “floats” lightly on the forehead, with no pressure on temples; vented for increased airflow.
  • Protects mask and face from direct splatter; may prolong mask life.
  • Sonically welded elastic headband for added strength.
  • Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside of the shield

Droplet Mask

Courtesy photo | Kaia Rongstad Kaia Rongstad, an owner of Northland Audiology and Hearing Services, demonstrates a new style of mask that allows the hearing-impaired to see the user’s mouth, facilitating communication.

Droplet Masks are available in packages of 20 only at $14.95 each.



Additional “Where to Buy” Clear Mask Options on


Homemade Masks To Order

Many of these are independent individuals taking orders and are experiencing a backlog so be sure to check on availability if you need a mask(s) sooner rather than later. If you would like to make your own, hop over to the DIY Masks section.

ADCO Communicator (Window) Masks

These 100% cotton fabric clear vinyl window masks are provided by ADCO, starting around $16.00 per mask. Additional styles are available. They are currently out of stock but accepting pre-orders for the Neutral pattern.

BOLDBandz See-Through Mask

2 layers of cotton with a thin plastic window. Soft, flexible ear loops and a nose wire for fit.




Sabryna’s Styles

“Sabryna is a 17 year old high school student. She is doing this in order to gain sewing experience for her special education transition goal of becoming a “fashionista”/fashion designer. We appreciate you giving her the opportunity to do so and allowing her to provide you with a mask.”

You can follow this dynamic teenager on her Facebook page to see her products and productivity.

Donations for cost of clear window or full cloth masks, shipping or future materials are accepted. You fill out an order form here.



Megan Hildebrandt

She has an assortment of audiology-themed masks with hearing aids, cochlear implants and ear-related images. She is also investigating options for making these masks with a clear window.

$12.49 on



Jans Communicator Masks

This vendor is also is very generous and is only asking for donations for the masks that she creates!

Klodia’s FaceMasks

“I am an experienced seamstress for the past 20 years and can do any sewing project. Since COVID-19, I have been making face masks by the dozens and have found it very rewarding!!”

$15 for clear mouth mask, print or solid color








“I’m happy to announce that I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive demand for these masks! These are very labor intensive but I want to continue to serve the Deaf and HOH community. So instead of raising prices, I have increased the processing time to 5 business days before shipping. If you have a special need, i.e. upcoming doctor appt, please message me. I will do my best to help. Thank you all for your support and understanding.”

These masks are $16.99 (S&H included) and are available by special request only on her Etsy page. She can make a maximum of 100 masks per week.


Hear Wisconsin

“Please note, supplies are limited and availability varies. All mask requests are reviewed on a first come, first served basis and need.”

You can order a clear window mask here and they asking for donations only.

the hearing spot

“These masks are made of 2 layers of 100% cotton, they are soft while still being a tightly woven cotton*. The clear vinyl window allows people to see what you’re saying. The looped tie allows you to synch the side of the mask to fit your face shape so it limits the gaping on the sides.”

$15 per mask that can be ordered here



“Transparent Face Mask with plastic shield, more protect than fabric-only mask, see your face, washable, reusable

$12.99 per mask with $2.78 S&H

Order information available on Etsy




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