Become a Vaccination Provider

New Hampshire’s health care providers stand at the ready to deliver the life saving vaccine injections to a demanding pubic. Unfortunately, there’s a supply crunch. According to officials at the state, New Hampshire has more than enough capacity to deliver the of COVID-19 vaccinations, but is currently only receiving about 17,000 doses a week. At that rate, it will take nearly 4 years to offer both doses of vaccine to the entire population.

“The total supply of vaccine has always been a concern,” said Dr. John R. Mascola, director of the N.I.H.’s Vaccine Research Center.

  • Become a Vaccination Provider 
  • More on Vaccine Registration and Becoming a Vaccinator NH DHHS’s  Health Alert Network Update #31 includes instructions for ambulatory care workers to register for vaccinations, and instructions for provider organizations to become a vaccinator for future phases of NH’s Vaccination Plan.  This HAN also has important contact information if you have questions about either program.