COVID-19 Update

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  • Vaccinating Medically Vulnerable Patients NH DHHS has posted NH Vaccination Guidelines for Phase 1b, a technical assistance document to help providers identify patients under age 65 with certain comorbidities.
    • Phase 1b registration opened at 8AM this morning for people over age 65. By 9AM, approximately 80,000 people had registered.
  • Vaccinating Homebound Patients – NH DHHS is developing a plan to vaccinate homebound patients. The Alliance is meeting with DHHS next week to discuss logistics, determine how patients will be identified, and how home care agencies will be involved.  Stay tuned!
    • The Alliance recently created an Ad-Hoc Committee on Vaccination Operations to identify barriers to vaccinating patients, share best practices and recommend options to DHHS. The Alliance will share the Committee’s work with our members.
  • Capacity for Caring  Agency capacity for new admissions and COVID census was stable this week, as reported by 21 member agencies.
    • There was estimated capacity for 356 home care admissions and 146 hospice admissions in the next 72 hours.
    • 224 COVID patients were receiving home care and 30 COVID patients were in hospice care.
    • NH DHHS reported 240 COVID patients in hospitals on 1/21.
  • Countering Vaccine Hesitancy
    • The Partnership for Medicaid Home-based Care, a national advocacy group, created Be Wise, Immunize – a website to share vaccine information with home care workers.
    • The NY Association of Health Care Providers has produced some educational videos to empower staff with knowledge about vaccines. We recommend Take 5 to Fight COVID, Part 3, which explains the differences between side effects and adverse events.
  • Caring for Caregivers – The CDC has an infographic Family Caregivers: Care for Yourself with tips for family caregivers to reduce daily stress. It’s a good handout for clients and families.