Patient Safety Executive Development Program from IHI


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Patient Safety Executive
Development Program


Hear from this program’s faculty on diagnostic tools needed to measure a culture of safety, designing a strategic patient safety plan tailored to your area of responsibility, and implementing proven, systemic changes to your organization. Learn more about how the Institute for Healthcare Improvement is delivering its programs virtually this Spring.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
1:00 – 2:00 PM ET.

What You Will Learn
1. Assess your organization and/or area of responsibility’s culture of safety​​​​​​
  • ​Use diagnostic tools to measure:​​​​


Teamwork​ ​Negotiation ​Transparency
Reliability​​ ​Measurement ​Continuous Learning


  • Determine which data currently generated by your organization is most relevant to measuring a culture of safety, and which additional data could be captured​
2. Design a strategic patient safety plan tailored to your area of responsibility
  • Develop new systems for continuous learning including learning from what works and what harms
  • Construct new systems that accommodate for human factors and team resource management principles to reduce harm, errors and mortality within your organization​
3. Implement proven changes that improve the culture of safety throughout your organization/area of responsibility
  • Generate buy-in from the executive and board-level leadership in your organization – a senior leader from your organization is invited to help develop its a strategic plan
  • Apply a sustainable, systemic culture of safety  – not just a collection of stand-alone safety improvement projects – to your organization/area of responsibility​
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