The CFI Story Project


Funding for New Hampshire’s Choices for Independence program is a top legislative priority for the Alliance in the Legislative Session. It’s important that legislators learn how important CFI is and what needs to be done to keep the program sustainable. Help us Paint the Picture and give voice to our clients and their caregivers through storytelling.

Questions for CFI Professional Caregivers?

    • Why are you a professional caregiver?
    • What is a workday like for you?
    • There are other service jobs that may pay more. Why do you stay in professional caregiving?


• When shooting a video clip with your mobile device:

    • have the person say their first name only and city or town where live.
    • Caregivers should say what their position is.
    • Avoid background noises  by turning off the TV or radio
  • Use you your agency’s standard consent form. Add this line: “This video clip may be used by Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance or the Granite State Home Health and Hospice Association for advocacy purposes.”


Our first examples are available below: