LRVNA + NANA Have Officially Merged

Two local home health providers have reflected the national trend to expand service area and patient offerings through mergers and acquisitions.

Upon the completion of a successful Public Hearing regarding the merger of the LRVNA and NANA, these entities are officially merged and are providing quality in-home care and hospice services to a larger area in the Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire. Both entities Boards of Directors are convinced that this merger will better serve the needs of the Central/Lakes Regions and Greater Bristol.

“The positive effects of the merger are already being experienced”, says LRVNA CEO Kevin Kelly, “NANA has already tripled its patient census in previously underserved areas in the region. NANA will continue to provide the ‘patient-first’ practices that has propelled the LRVNA to grow by 500% over the last few years. Combined, the go-forward LRVNA/NANA entity will have added over 80 employees in the past three years alone.”

Together, the agencies’ services include:
• Skilled nursing services.
• Hospice services.
• Home health aide and homemaker services.
• Physical therapy.
• Speech and occupational therapy.
• Medical Social Workers.
• Well Child programs.
• Blood pressure, foot care, and immunization clinics.
• Community support services.
• Other wellness programs.

Established in 1960, the Newfound Area Nursing Association initially provided home skilled nursing services in the towns of Bristol, Bridgewater, and New Hampton, adding the town of Alexandria to its service area in 1969. Since then, NANA has added Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Plymouth, Campton and Hill communities to its home health, hospice, and community services.

Initially incorporated in 1923 as the Meredith Public Health Association, Lakes Region VNA, a not-for-profit licensed and certified home health and hospice care provider, has grown since then to serve 35 communities with over 45,000 visits in the Central/Lakes Region of New Hampshire.