Alliance Hospice Administrators’ Meeting

We discussed the following issues:

  • CMS recently updated its Hospice Quality Reporting Program Current Measures page, which includes a good graphic on the four components or the HQRP.  You can download a Current Measures pdf here.
  • CMS also released a Q & A on the 2 new Claims-based Measures.
  • Here’s CMS’s new HQRP Users Manual.
  • CMS recently announced the addition of new Medicare Advantage plans participating in the Hospice VBID program.  Last year there was one plan in Massachusetts, but it has since withdrawn from the VBID program.  That means there are no MA Plans in New England that are testing the inclusion of hospice benefit.
  • CMS’s Post Acute Care and Hospice Provider Public Use File (PAC-PUF) is now available for 2019.  This has detailed data on utilization by state and by provider.
  • NH Medicaid has issued a public notice that it intends to amend the State Medicaid Plan to clarify that NH Medicaid hospice rates will not increase if they are higher than Medicare rates. What does this mean?  NH Medicaid hospice rates did not change on October 1st, when CMS announced the change sent states the new Medicaid rates (which are based on Medicare rates.) NH’s rates for all Medicaid providers were increased by 3.1% on 1/1/21, making the hospice rates higher than the new Medicare rate.  This may be one of the rare examples when Medicaid is among the highest payers!
  • The group shared information on staffing, referrals, and impact of vaccine mandates.
  • Turnout for Hospice Administrators’ Meetings has been low for the past several meetings.  The group agreed to have meetings every other month on the 2nd Friday of the month from 11:00 – Noon.
  • Future Meetings are on the following dates. 
    • Dec 10, 2021
    • Feb 11, 2022
    • Apr 8, 2022
    • Jun 10, 2022
    • Oct 14, 2022
    • Dec 9, 2022
  • Click here to register for the meetings and get log-ins.