New Portal for NH Criminal Background Check

The NH Department of Safety is opening its new Criminal Conviction Check Portal for a stress test. The new online portal has successfully processed 147 applications in initial testing. Assistant DoS Commissioner Eddie Edwards has contacted health care trade associations and asked us to encourage ALL MEMBERS of the health care community to use the new online portal to fully test the system.

  • See: How to guide Criminal Conviction Checks,a Powerpoint presentation on how to use the portal.
  • Once you submit an application to the portal, you will receive an immediate confirmation email.
  • The majority of record checks will be completed between 5 -10 minutes.
  • In the event a record check is not completed in the 5-10 minute timeframe, you will receive the following message:
    • “The pending status in the dashboard indicates the requested individual is being further examined by the staff due to a possible multiple name match”.
    • This delay DOES NOT suggest a conviction on the requested individual, simply that the staff needs to look at it prior to being disseminated. This record check goes into DoS “s “manual queue”.  This matter is resolved within a period of less than one business day.

If you encounter any issues with the portal during this stress test, or have questions or concerns, please contact any of the people in the Criminal Records Unit below:

Trooper Mike Arteaga


Office 603-223-8402


Unit Supervisor Christine Shea


Office 603-223-8403


Anthony Carlson


This is a positive step to resolving delays in obtaining criminal background checks from the NH State Police. Please use this new system so the Department of Safety can fine tune it for full implementation.