ExpiredLymphedema: Understanding Disease Process, Impact & Management

  • January 18, 2017
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Lymphedema is widely misunderstood by both medical professionals and patients.  The lymphatic system plays a vital role in overall health, and upon injury, impairment, or dysfunction can have devastating impacts on patients’ level of function and over- all life satisfaction.   This presentation will review the lymphatic system, clinical manifestation, and treatment options available for this condition. There have been advancements in community management of lymphedema that can impact both patient satisfaction and cost-efficiency for the health care system.

This Webinar Will Review:

  •  Lymphatic System
  •  Lymphedema
    • -Definition
    • -Clinical Manifestation
    • -Identifying and Diagnosing
  •  Treatment Options
    • Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy
  • Community Management
    • Community Management
    • Reduction Kit
  • Life after discharge


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