ExpiredEmployment Law: Managing Employees through the COVID Era

  • July 7, 2021
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Program Overview

The pandemic has created tremendous challenges for home health and hospice employers. This presentation will cover topics related to employment law compliance including requiring or encouraging caregiver COVID vaccinations; permissible conversations with employees about health-related issues; reasonable accommodation rules; handling leaves of absence; unique wage/hour/compensation issues; work from home and return to the workplace issues; client requests for vaccinated caregivers; and dealing with clients who have COVID.

Date and Times

     July 7, 2021

     12:00 pm —1:30 pm




    Your Office via Zoom


Target Audience

*  Human resource professionals

*  Executives

*  Managers



Handouts will be sent by email prior to the conference.


Kathy Perkins, Kathy Perkins LLC Workplace Law & Mediation, Lawrence, Kansas 

After 25 years litigating employment disputes in corporate law firms, Kathy Perkins created her own company in 2008, centered around resolving workplace disputes as early as possible.  She saw the tremendous cost to employers and ex-(usually)-employees of wrongful discharge, misclassification and other lawsuits. These include not just money paid to attorneys or in settlement, but costs in terms of stress, time, and invasion of privacy into email, mental health records, and so on.  Kathy began analyzing what could have been done to avoid each lawsuit.  She provides proactive counseling to employer clients, including home health and caregiver agencies. She conducts manager training on employment laws and litigation avoidance.  She independently investigates claims of harassment.  She serves as a mediator, working with both parties to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.  Kathy is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Kansas State University.

Registration Deadline:  Tuesday, July 6, 2021

**Registration fees are based on ONE live phone/Zoom connection; multiple site participation for the live offerings for your agency will require a separate registration fee for each live connection.  Registrations should not be shared between agency offices—if an agency plans to participate from two office locations, two registrations are required. Multiple staff members CAN share the recording link, however.

Confirmation:  A confirmation will be emailed to you by July 6.  This confirmation will include the presentation handouts and information on accessing each webinar.

KHCHA greatly appreciates the time and effort on the part of our speakers/vendors in providing information for our attendees.  The Kansas Home Care & Hospice Association feels an obligation to present the widest possible viewpoints represented in the home care and hospice arena.  However, the participation of any speaker/vendor/product in our presentations does not constitute an endorsement by this association.  As always, you are strongly advised to seek further counsel and exercise diligence in making any decisions that affect your business or the quality of services you provide.

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